Published in Curator Magazine!

This week I scored my first real writing credit post-Bagpipe! Curator Magazine, an on-line arts magazine produced by the International Arts Movement. It publishes cultural criticism, poetry and nonfiction, with an outlook friendly to a dialogue including faith and meaning in the artistic process. I like what I’ve read in it before, so I figured I’d send them a short essay of mine. It’s called “Digging and Reading.” You should check it out.

I was introduced to Curator when they published my friend Luke’s essay/story “Intercessory Models,” a strange, discursive and–honestly–brilliant rumination on fashion, models and the nature of beauty. They’ve also published my friend Alex’s “The Myth of Narcissus Goes Social,” a sharp, but thoughtful, criticism of the narcissism inherent in the ways we use social media.

I also recently enjoyed this essay on Steven Colbert and this poem. So read Curator Magazine. It will do you good.

  1. pat said:

    congratulations! good stuff.

  2. RRRRRRR said:

    Nice, Seth.

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