The Way to Thailand

Sa wat dee khrap! (Hello!) I write this from the great city of Los Angeles, where I’m stopping over for a couple of days before crossing the Pacific over to the country of Thailand. Most of you reading this will know this is the next step in my internship with ECHO. I’ll be spending the next six months working in the ECHO Asia seed bank. Check out their blog here:

Here are some of the ECHO Asia staff taking a tour of an organic farming cooperative:

The purpose of ECHO’s Regional Impact Centers, like the one in Thailand where I’m going, is to make ECHO’s resources available in local languages, address local issues and challenges more appropriately and–in the case of ECHO Asia, which has a seed bank–house and distribute local varieties of seed. The Regional Impact Centers take the ECHO approach to networking hunger solutions and localize it to better meet the needs of the different regions where ECHO’s resources are being used. In addition to ECHO Asia there is now a Regional Impact Center in Arousha, Tanzania for East Africa and next year the West Africa Impact Center will open in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

It’s an honor for me to get to see ECHO’s work on the ground at ECHO Asia. I can’t wait to get there and get started. But first I’ve got a transoceanic flight ahead of me. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I travel. I’ll be flying out Nov. 28th and arriving the 30th. Soon I’ll be posting photos and musings from Thailand! Lao phop gan mai! (See you later!)


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