Farm Challenge Day 6

So we come to the end. Last Saturday was the last day of Farm Challenge here at ECHO‘s Global Farm. What a week of gastronomically delightful self-sufficiency it was! Some of my faves included farm sushi by Elliot and Brian, polenta with pigeon peas by Rebecca and Vanessa, juevos rancheros by Craig and Amy and of course grilled fish by Tim and I. But all good things have to end. The gentlemen at my house started our final say of farm food with some of this magic:

Fried plantains and duck eggs, with fresh-squeezed orange juice!

For lunch we cobbled together some baked sweet potato and fresh avocado for a quick meal.

But what we were really waiting fro was dinner. Our first non-farm meal of the week. But first, we had to concoct one last piece of farm deliciousness:

Goat milk sweet potato honey ice cream!

So yes. It was over. And we ate pizza. And it was good. But Farm Challenge really encouraged me to be more resourceful in utilizing what we grow here at ECHO. Sure, we’ll never be totally self-sufficient. And that isn’t our goal. But using the resource of our land to fuller potential is an important part of our stewardship. And we have so much food! There is an amazing diversity of crops here at ECHO. It astonishes me everyday that I get to live here. I am beginning to believe that the amazing diversity of cultivated species is a reflection of the diversity and grandeur of the image of God in humanity. From amaranth to oranges, the foreign and the familiar, the broad range of food crops represents human culture–what is culture if not what we have cultivated?–at its most creative. It is a blessing to here among this bounty.


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