Farm Challenge Day 5

The 2nd-to-last day of farm challenge was a Friday, which is the day when we interns have breakfast  together, so Hannia, Vanessa and Rebecca made us a farm safe breakfast:

On the morning menu:

Entree: scrambled eggs (both duck and chicken) topped with cilantro

Sides: sweet potato hash browns and steamed greens

Drink: papaya smoothie

Next, for lunch, Brian and Elliot pulled off one of the most complex meals of the week. Farm sushi!

This consisted of:

Entree: Sushi rolls made of steamed mustard greens and farm rice, filled with avocado, jicama, tomato, carrots, chives, sesame seeds and (a few) habanero peppers. Topped with an olive oil/jalapeno sauce.

Sides: Broccoli tempura and rice.

Salad: Esmerelda lettuce, carrots, hard-boiled eggs.

Finally, for our evening meal, Rebecca and Abby produced a marvelous stir-fry:


On the menu:

Entree: sweet potato, onion stir-fry in rice, served in cabbage bowls.

Side: Fresh avacado

Salad: Red fire lettuce, nasturtiums and grape tomatoes

So that was day 5! Only one day left…



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