Farm Challenge Day 4

On day 4 of Farm Challenge, it was my turn again to help out with lunch:

Entree: Pumpkin soup, flavored with galangal, curry leaves and bay rum leaves.

Side dish: Sweet potato fries

Salad: Red fire lettuce, cabbage and grape tomatoes

Dessert: Papaya

Then, for dinner, we had the best, and the most bittersweet meal of the week. It was time to eat Gideon the Goat. Goat is hard to cook well, so for a special event, Stan (ECHO’s CEO) and Beth (our  intern manager) Doerr asked some of their friends from church to come help cook the meat:

These guys know how to cook a goat, let me tell you. First they washed the meat in boiling water and sour orange to take the goaty flavor out (believe me, goatiness is a distinct and unmistakeable attribute. It’s amazing they could remove it from the meat). Then they cooked it in a special sauce with carrots and served it over rice. We didn’t ask any questions about the provenance of their ingredients, but the meat itself was 100% farm. And oh so good.

Oh, and they made potato salad. Yeah, it did seem a bit like cheating. But Gideon would have wanted it that way. We enjoyed him to his fullest potential.



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